Strands of Grey

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March 2012

A SUITABLE MATCH FOR MY FATHER: From ‘Dream Dust’, my collection of short stories

My great aunt Bhabho was a very ambitious woman. The moment she realized that her husband Keshav Nath was a shade brighter than his other three brothers and that the family furniture business was prospering largely because of his efforts,... Continue Reading →


Woo with a Loo!In

WOO WITH A LOO Indian men living in Madhya Pradesh – and perhaps Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa too - have learnt an urgent lesson. Woo with a loo or like Shivram, a daily wage earner of Madhya Pradesh, you might... Continue Reading →


That’s right - at sea. There was an occasion when these land lubbers had to sail the seven seas and I was their shipmate. It was sometime in the 1980s.  I had accompanied my naval husband on one of his... Continue Reading →

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