Strands of Grey

…a search for meaning in life


April 2012


  Birds build nests but don’t cling to their confines. Only humans, having mastered the art of high-rise nest stacking in claustrophobic condos, delude themselves they’ve finally got themselves a ‘life’. Every time I leave it all behind, every time... Continue Reading →


Beleaguered me!

It’s been the worst of times. All kinds of pressures. Doubts and uncertainties. Misgivings. Worries. Stresses and strains… An image shifted, floated, settled in front of my anxious, harassed mind’s eye. A little child’s unquestioning faith. From within the recesses... Continue Reading →

Dream Dust – a short story

  “Why Bibi, aren’t you going to take your channa today?” “Hunh?” I stopped. Startled. It was the groundnut and roasted gram seller sitting in his usual place under the shade of the large neem tree. That was when I... Continue Reading →

Insomniac me!

It was two in the morning. Outside the world was dark and silent. My wide sleepless eyes stared at the shadows in my bedroom. My question-plagued mind was jumpy and restless. Why? When? What the hell? Did life make any... Continue Reading →


I was researching for my now completed novel ‘Daayara – A Limited Circle’. It’s the story of a brave but contentious General of the Indian army whose desperate act of blowing up China’s Yarlung Tsangpo dam, the largest in the... Continue Reading →

Capture of an Elephant… (don’t ask me why, but I seem to have elephants on my mind!)

The other day while randomly surfing You Tube, I came across a very disturbing video - ‘Shocking Cruelty to Elephants’, winner of the Green Oscar 2004 uploaded by <themikepandeychannel> in 2009. It reminded me of the day I had witnessed... Continue Reading →

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