via Daily Prompt: Circle

For a long time the working title of my latest novel, RADIUS 200, was ‘Daayara – a Limited Circle.’

The passage that follows is an excerpt from the novel.

“Strange are the ways of this world. Pride and humility, love and jealousy, joy and anger, revenge… and in the end always an inevitable sense of anti-climax.

To be born human is such a very humbling experience. No one can guide destiny, not one’s own, not another’s. Each one must learn through their own experiences, each one taste the bitter sweet fruits chance may dish up to them, each one live their lives within their own daayara.

Mine is closing in on me. Limited circle of my life. There is nothing more for me here. Leave. Leave my spirit. You are free to go where other worlds await you…

I can hear my soul sighing, longing to slip away from my hold, aching to journey into another world.

Why can’t I let go? What holds me still?”


RADIUS 200  is available on Amazon and Kindle