‘Princess Tenderella has been captured! Angeroids, short, hairy, violent creatures, born of Human folly are fast overtaking the Forest where Tenderellas once ruled.

Winds are howling. Fires are raging. Forest Creatures, big and small are miserable. Flowers don’t bloom. Butterflies have forgotten to fly. Old Grandpa Magus whose touch made each bud smile and bloom, who, at the first sign of spring, sprinkled each plant with magic dust so that its dry branches suddenly burst forth into a million tender leaves, has lost his magic.

Can Ina and Mina, Rahul’s pet talking Mynahs, on a holiday in the Forest brave the journey deep into the Forest to find the Forever Tree who alone can tell how to forge the key that can unlock the secret prison where Angeroids are holding Princess Tenderella captive? Can they persuade Rahul and his friends to become Friends of the Forest in word and in deed!



Garbie Garbyhog – The Worm That Wanted to Fly

 A lively and inspiring tale of the adventures of a composter worm named Garbie Garbyhog…

Listening to his best friend, Cathy Butterfly, chatter about the wonderful world that lies beyond the garbage heap where he lives, Garbie is extremely unhappy about who he is and what he does – eat and excrete the whole day. He is sick of his whole lowly, unimportant existence!

All he longs for is to be able to fly. He sets out on a long and arduous journey to get himself a pair of wings like Cathy’s.

A series of adventures unfold and Garbie meets a young boy who is an unhappy! The boy is sick of the stench and dirt in his neighborhood, the way people leave their garbage littered everywhere. He longs to do something to get rid of the mess but doesn’t know what to do about it.

Suddenly Garbie realizes that his was not a worthless existence! Together with his clan of Garbyhogs, he could clean up the young boy’s entire neighborhood! God had created him with a unique mission – to hog garbage and turn it into valuable vermi-compost. It was a gift God had given only to Garbyhogs.

They form a unique partnership.

The book includes a 12 page colored Instruction booklet on Vermicomposting.

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