Strands of Grey

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Limited circle of my life

via Daily Prompt: Circle For a long time the working title of my latest novel, RADIUS 200, was 'Daayara - a Limited Circle.' The passage that follows is an excerpt from the novel. "Strange are the ways of this world.... Continue Reading →

Stay connected…

You connected...   When life sucked and I was laid low When mind-fucked I wallowed in woe You touched...   And when doubt racked I hurt in every pore You believed...   Made me smile a little, laugh more. Go a... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Culture

via Daily Prompt: Culture If there is one word that can describe Indian culture, it is 'JUGAAD'. I really don't think there is an equivalent word in any other language. It means finding a solution to any problem with available... Continue Reading →

Prayer of my soul… WHEN STORMS STRIKE…

Prayer of my soul WHEN STORMS STRIKE… Last evening there was a storm. It raved and ranted. Crazed winds howled raising dust ghosts twirling dervish dances across the road, through the streets. Thrashed through the park, whipping through trees shrieking... Continue Reading →

The Wonder That is Life…

It’s that time of the year. The grass is green and flowers are blooming. Pink and white, yellow and purple. Brilliant hued and redolent with heady fragrance. Hope is in the air. Like a mirror, a tiny leaf hanging from... Continue Reading →


  Birds build nests but don’t cling to their confines. Only humans, having mastered the art of high-rise nest stacking in claustrophobic condos, delude themselves they’ve finally got themselves a ‘life’. Every time I leave it all behind, every time... Continue Reading →

Beleaguered me!

It’s been the worst of times. All kinds of pressures. Doubts and uncertainties. Misgivings. Worries. Stresses and strains… An image shifted, floated, settled in front of my anxious, harassed mind’s eye. A little child’s unquestioning faith. From within the recesses... Continue Reading →

Insomniac me!

It was two in the morning. Outside the world was dark and silent. My wide sleepless eyes stared at the shadows in my bedroom. My question-plagued mind was jumpy and restless. Why? When? What the hell? Did life make any... Continue Reading →

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