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Limited circle of my life

via Daily Prompt: Circle For a long time the working title of my latest novel, RADIUS 200, was 'Daayara - a Limited Circle.' The passage that follows is an excerpt from the novel. "Strange are the ways of this world.... Continue Reading →


Spotlight on RADIUS 200…

Check it out here: There's a sample chapter too!  

How often does a real life experience creep into a Writer’s work?

It’s funny how tiny, insignificant, forgotten long-ago memories insidiously tiptoe in and spill on to the pages when you are writing. A random scene from a passing train. A vendor at a railway crossing tempting you with the red and... Continue Reading →

THE WRITING EXPERIENCE: How Important is a book cover in marketing a book.

THE UNCOMMON MEMORIES OF ZEENAT QUREISHI Do you agree that packaging is as relevant for a book as for any other ‘product’ Okay, okay I’m aware of the popular adage we all learnt in childhood, 'you can't judge a book... Continue Reading →

Nail Art – A short story

Nail Art Short Story By Veena Nagpal   “Show, Pooja didi show! Just one more glimpse, please!” Pooja’s fair, delicate face was flushed and her eyes shining as she skipped down the brick lane. The little girls running after her... Continue Reading →


Earth Day comes and goes. Every year. Yet somehow just as birthday cards flowers and chocolate delivered, we tend to forget the existence of an old grandmother for the next three hundred and sixty four days, Earth Day over we... Continue Reading →

Dream Dust – a short story

  “Why Bibi, aren’t you going to take your channa today?” “Hunh?” I stopped. Startled. It was the groundnut and roasted gram seller sitting in his usual place under the shade of the large neem tree. That was when I... Continue Reading →


I was researching for my now completed novel ‘Daayara – A Limited Circle’. It’s the story of a brave but contentious General of the Indian army whose desperate act of blowing up China’s Yarlung Tsangpo dam, the largest in the... Continue Reading →

A SUITABLE MATCH FOR MY FATHER: From ‘Dream Dust’, my collection of short stories

My great aunt Bhabho was a very ambitious woman. The moment she realized that her husband Keshav Nath was a shade brighter than his other three brothers and that the family furniture business was prospering largely because of his efforts,... Continue Reading →

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