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Daily Prompt: Culture

via Daily Prompt: Culture If there is one word that can describe Indian culture, it is 'JUGAAD'. I really don't think there is an equivalent word in any other language. It means finding a solution to any problem with available... Continue Reading →

The Day I Met Abou Ben Adhem…  A few days ago I met the female version of Abu Ben Adhem (Remember the school days poem about the guy who wanted the visiting angel to write his name down as ‘one who loved his fellow men’?) It... Continue Reading →


I was researching for my now completed novel ‘Daayara – A Limited Circle’. It’s the story of a brave but contentious General of the Indian army whose desperate act of blowing up China’s Yarlung Tsangpo dam, the largest in the... Continue Reading →

Capture of an Elephant… (don’t ask me why, but I seem to have elephants on my mind!)

The other day while randomly surfing You Tube, I came across a very disturbing video - ‘Shocking Cruelty to Elephants’, winner of the Green Oscar 2004 uploaded by <themikepandeychannel> in 2009. It reminded me of the day I had witnessed... Continue Reading →

Woo with a Loo!In

WOO WITH A LOO Indian men living in Madhya Pradesh – and perhaps Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa too - have learnt an urgent lesson. Woo with a loo or like Shivram, a daily wage earner of Madhya Pradesh, you might... Continue Reading →

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