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Why I am a Writer by Veena Nagpal

via Why I am a Writer by Veena Nagpal


World Water Day: What will it cost us before we become water wise?

Is the world heading towards water wars? Read RADIUS 200 Amazon The story of a fragile love trapped between two nuclear nations warring over scarce water resources. See More World Water Day: Bengaluru Among 10 Cities in the World... Continue Reading →


Is my latest novel, RADIUS 200 launched at JLF 2018, the first Military thriller written by an Indian woman? Someone at the recently concluded Jaipur Litfest thought it was. I wonder?  

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Radius 200 at the World Book Fair, New Delhi

  Hall Number 9. Stall Number 26-31

Book Launch at Jaipur Litfest 2018

Happy to share that my latest novel, RADIUS 200 (Available on Amazon), will be officially launched at the Jaipur Litfest 2018 on January 26th at 4.45 p.m. See you at the Litfest. View BOOK TRAILER at:


By the Year 2050 News Reports will read as below: 5 pots of water were stolen from a locked house. Police are searching for the thieves. A Principal was arrested for admitting a child of 4 years to UKG on... Continue Reading →

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