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Sharing… Book Review: Radius 200

Source: Book Review: Radius 200

Radius 200 – A story of lost river & relations

Source: Radius 200 - A story of lost river & relations

My new novel…

Just to share with you that my latest novel, RADIUS 200, is now available for pre-order on Kindle: View Radius 200 book trailer at: View four teaser trailers at: Radius 200 Teaser trailer 1: Radius 200 Teaser... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge: Relax

via Photo Challenge: Relax When 'doing' just fades away before 'being' and even in the midst of a chaotic work day, a deep, relaxing silence encases...

Daily Prompt: Culture

via Daily Prompt: Culture If there is one word that can describe Indian culture, it is 'JUGAAD'. I really don't think there is an equivalent word in any other language. It means finding a solution to any problem with available... Continue Reading →

Busy Bees

Busy bees…   No time to Meditate Contemplate Ruminate   Busy bees…   Beady eyes. Concentrated Focused Absorbed     Entering The Hive, in Kew Gardens, London, is an unique experience. A 17-metre-high aluminum abstract ‘honey comb’, designed by UK based... Continue Reading →


Earth Day comes and goes. Every year. Yet somehow just as birthday cards flowers and chocolate delivered, we tend to forget the existence of an old grandmother for the next three hundred and sixty four days, Earth Day over we... Continue Reading →

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